High Performance Replacement Air Filter K&N 33-2364 Review


K&N 33-2364 High Performance Replacement Air Filter 



  • Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
  • Can be cleaned and used again
  • High air flow with exceptional filtration
  • Lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions
  • Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics
  • Emissions legal in all 50 US states
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty®

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Product Specifications

Air Filter Shape Panel
Filter Material Cotton Gauze
Filter Re-Oiling Amount 1.31 oz (39 ml)
Flanges None
Height 0.875 in (22 mm)
Outside Length 11.75 in (298 mm)
Outside Width 8.25 in (210 mm)
Package Contents 1 Air Filter
Package Quantity 1
Product Box Height 15.06 in (383 mm)
Product Box Length 11.06 in (281 mm)
Product Box Width 2.34 in (60 mm)
Product Style Unique Air Filters
Weight 1.3 lb (0.6 kg)

Inventory Status

USA: In Stock
United Kingdom: In Stock



Designed to extend power unit with up to five hundredth additional flow of air
K&N automotive OE (original equipment) replacement air filters usually add one to four power unit, attributable to the distinctive characteristics of our filter media. K&N air cleaner media was originally developed for desert motocross sport. K&N air filters were created for Associate in Nursing surroundings that needed most power unit and acceleration whereas protective the engine from the dirt and dirt of cross-country sport. This resulted in Associate in Nursing air cleaner designed to realize high, nearly unrestricted air flow whereas protective your engine for the lifetime of your vehicle. K&N wash-and-wear and reusable air filters ar created from four to 6 layers of cotton gauze bedded between 2 sheets of epoxy-coated wire mesh. The media is folded and oiled to reinforce overall filtration and performance.




Washable High-Flow Cotton Filter Media
K&N wash-and-wear and reusable air filters ar overhand within the USA mistreatment solely the best materials. it’s nearly not possible to clean your K&N air cleaner or filter an excessive amount of. K&N washed and re-oiled one K&N air cleaner quite one hundred times, within our testing laboratory, and it still performs up to specification. K&N air filters will go up to fifty,000 miles between cleanup, betting on your driving conditions. to wash and re-oil your K&N air cleaner, use a K&N air cleaner cleanup Kit and use the straightforward to follow directions.




10-Year/Million Mile restricted pledge
K&N warrants its street vehicle OE (original equipment) replacement air filters for a million miles. If used properly and located to be defective, come your filter with the receipt from purchase and K&N can replace it freed from charge. Incorrect cleanup or Use Voids pledge




K&N client Protection Pledge

The K&N client Protection set up goes a step more than the K&N Million Mile restricted warrant. At times, the performance aftermarket has been stricken by motorcarmotive makers and auto dealers which will decide to discourage you from modifying your vehicle. they might like that you simply purchase OE elements and not customise your automobile or truck and have even voided their own manufacturer’s warrant attributable to vehicle modifications. K&N and also the Magnuson-Moss warrant Act shield shoppers from such denied warrant claims. once you purchase a K&N OE replacement filter or air intake system you’ll be assured your vehicle’s warrant can stay in result. If you encounter a business organisation that wishes to void your warrant owing to one amongst our product, K&N can resolve the problem therefore you will not need to. we have a tendency to believe that K&N makes one amongst the world’s best filter and that we stand behind that claim 100%.